If you are looking for sites like Bubblews then one you might like to take a look at is called Teckler. What drew me to this site was when I spotted a question being asked of BubblewsSupport1 - and the answer given.

♦ The question was: "Can we post our Bubblews links in Teckler?" ♦ The answer given was: "We have no problems with this" I screenied it but can't attach the image to this post as it's against the rules

Teckler is interesting in that you're paid a 70% Revenue Share for the views of what you post. Teckler's like Bubblews, but also very different. I suggest if you're interested in finding more sites just like the one here at Bubblews that you check it out for yourself, I don't use it so can't comment on it.

My tip, as always, is: Don't go at it like a bull in a china shop. Go and read the terms/conditions, see what people are posting there and see if it fits in with your style. See if it's appropriate.

If it works for you, this could be Double Bubble time. (Double Bubble is a phrase used in England where you're getting paid twice for the same thing)

TIPS for Teckler:

I've not used it yet, so I have no tips - if you've any Teckler tips or experience, feel free to share it and I can update this post as appropriate.

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