I was amazed in this viral video of a nun in Sicily, Italy. She is Sister Christina, 25 years old who auditioned to The Voice Blind Audition. She sang No One by Alicia Keys and she sang it very good. The first one of the judge who pushed the button is J-Ax which later in return she chose as her mentor.

She reminds me of the vibrant Maria from The Sound of Music, who is played by Julia Andrews. She has the energy and talent just like her. I never thought a nun in convent knows the Pop songs, I thought they only know Spiritual and Inspiration songs. And she knows J-Ax, actually I don't know J-Ax because I am not from Italy, but I need to research more about him. She had standing ovation from the audience because she is the first ever Sister or nun who joined the contest.

What will happen when Pope Francis find this out? What will be her choice? This is a story that excites me. I love Sister Christina and I love her for being brave enough to share her gift to people.

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