Survivor debuted in the summer of 2000. Richard Hatch, Rudy, Gervase, Susan, Colleen, etc. soon became household names as they vied for the million dollar prize and the title of Survivor. Twelve years later and Survivor is entering season 25 (Philippines premieres Wednesday on CBS) and the contestants are still vying for the same million dollar prize. Winning Survivor does not guarantee the same level of fame that it did twelve years ago. And after taxes (unless you are Richard Hatch) the winner actually will have around $670,000 still a nice payday but it doesn't have the same ring as one million dollars.

This season the Amazing Race has doubled it's grand prize to $2 million. It is split among both racers so each will be receiving a million. While very popular, the Amazing Race is not Survivor. Afterall, Survivor is the one that started the entire reality show craze. Shouldn't Survivor increase it's prize to keep up with the competition?

One argument against increasing the prize money is that it won't attract better contestants. I sincerely doubt many people who would be great on the show have thought about applying then decided not to because a million just isn't enough.

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