Being a mother myself I always get stuck whenever I get to hear that a parent is claiming to be proud on his/her child’s achievement. I have come across many such parents personally and also had an opportunity to know the minds of the parents through their talks on different talent hunt reality shows for children on television.

Why do I get stuck? What resists me from being proud? May be it is because of my practical upbringing. My parents were of the belief that why should they praise their own children. They believed that appreciation must be received from other corners and whenever that happened, gave my parents a joy of lifetime. They were always encouraging and appreciating kind but never in front of the outsiders.

Thus, when I see people announcing loud and clear that they are proud parents, I instantly feel that the progress of the child is at stake. I always feel that parents must be supportive, must appreciate their child’s achievement, must be happy to an unlimited extent but never ever be proud.

Both happiness and pride are contagious states of mind but of opposite kind. So, once it is attained by a person then obviously the people close to his/her heart gets affected. Happiness is certainly a positive state but pride affects negatively. Happy parents fill the heart of their child with joy but contrarily parents' pride always makes a child proud. Once a child becomes proud then success comes to a standstill. He/she is bound to become overconfident and in the process, learning gets a massive blow.

My earnest feeling is if the parents want their child to achieve name and fame in life then they must make the child feel humble and keep the door of learning open. In this way there is no end to achievement but proud parents definitely put an end to it. Am I right, what’s your take?

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