The recent government shutdown has brought a whole host of different issues to the discussion table. Without funding, someone has to decide which parts of the government will remain functioning and which will not. Given enough time, there will not be enough money for any part to operate, but hopefully this stalemate does not last that long.

One of the topics up for discussion is if food stamps should be cut during this time of shutdown. It is not surprising to see which players are lining up on which sides of the issue. Donna Brazille, a Democratic strategist writes that food stamps should not be cut during the government shutdown because of the massive amount of people that they help. She notes that 49% of recipients of food stamps are white, 26% African American, and 20% Hispanic. It is perhaps not the mixture of races that some people would think of when they picture food stamp recipients.

She writes that these programs are necessary to keep some of these families and individuals literally off the streets. That may well be true, and it is certainly something worth considering before any program is cut.

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