In my previous post, I talked about my favorite day of the week: Sunday. I just love Sunday and being lazy, but then it can't last long because Monday comes and things get crazy.

Do you also get that annoying feeling every time you wake up on a Monday morning? I don't understand why but I noticed that I'm always particularly tired on Mondays (even if I had enough sleep the previous night), and sometimes even sick. Maybe I'm experiencing what they call the Monday Morning Syndrome or MMS. According to Oxford Reference, it is a term applied to several work-related conditions in which return to the workplace after a short interval away is associated with recurrence of symptoms ( Having headaches, being clumsy, short-tempered, and sleepy (all day) - that roughly sums up my Monday, a nightmare. The only solution I can think of is to keep calm and pretend that it's not Monday. Do you think that will work? LOL.

How about you? Have you also experienced MMS? (even the captcha agrees with me. lol)


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