These were the six words I was given in a writing prompt and the short story I came up with today for the prompt.

barefoot, crystal, photo, bubble, police, post

Julie wiggled her toes in the baking sun, happy to be barefoot and away from the endless snow that buried her home in never ending blankets of dreary white. It had been beautiful in the beginning, the new experience of living in the snow. But after the pipes in the kitchen froze when the power went out and the inside of the house became a refrigerator, she wasn’t so enamored with the spectacular beauty of the season anymore. The magical white wonderland bubble had burst and turned into frozen hell.

It took weeks to clean up the mess and make the necessary repairs. They had no heat but that from the fireplace for weeks. The old heater located in the kitchen cupboard by the garage door had cracked in the icy water and had to be replaced. In the extra cold winter, the only store that did repairs and carried new heaters was short staffed, over worked and short on inventory. The new heater was on back order from the local home shop.

Julie missed living in the sun belt next to the beach where the crystal clear water sparkled in the sunlight blinding her in its brilliance. She blinked her eyes a few times like a camera shutter to capture the photo image in her mind to remind her of the sun and heat when she returned home in a couple weeks to suffer through the chilling cold again until spring lifted its bright new head and woke the world from its cold slumber. The temporary bubble of happiness at her favourite beach was a welcome and unexpected escape.

She loved entering sweepstakes and contests. On occasion she actually won one of them. The police had raffled off a two week trip for one to any national locale the winner chose. Julie sent in a check by post for 100 dollars’ worth of tickets the very day after she saw the article advertising the fundraiser in the local paper.

Knee deep in cold muck in the kitchen while cleaning up the mess from the exploded pipes, she hoped karma would swing back her way and let her win. “Someone has to win, “she reasoned, trying to justify the added expense to an already overloaded budget until her homeowner’s insurance repaid her for the repairs.

The 100 one dollar tickets had arrived the following week, hand delivered by an exceedingly handsome police officer with thick wavy dark hair. Covered in slime when he rang the bell, she had answered the door totally embarrassed at her appearance when she opened the door to the man with the perfect smile.

Flustered she jokingly asked him, “Are you part of the prize?”

He had laughed politely at her teasing, turned and walked back out to his car. He turned and paused saying, “Good luck with the tickets,” and grinned at her.

She had set the tickets on the side table next to her recliner in the living room and forgotten about them while she and her friends slowly got the kitchen back in working order over the next few weeks. By the time it was all done a few weeks later she felt ready to take a few sticks of dynamite outside to hopefully blow winter to kingdom come. She imagined all the ice and snow shooting into the sky and disappearing.

“I hate winter,” she grumbled, “and all this damned snow".

The winners were picked and announced on the local news cast on television the evening the kitchen was completed. Exhausted, Julie had dropped into her recliner and turned on the television with the remote, barely focusing on the lit screen in front of her. She had forgotten all about the evenings’ raffle drawing.

She perked up a little and smiled when the same dashing officer who had come to her door with her tickets reached in and pulled the winning ticket from the barrel. He announced the number clearly, “C4397261,” he said.

She grabbed the pile of tickets off the table next to her chair . They were in sequential order. She quickly flipped through them as he repeated the winning numbers a few more times. The letter and numbers flashed across the screen.

Halfway through the pile, She realized the tickets were in order in the pile and were consecutively numbered. Her pulse quickened as she read “ C4397257, C4397258, C4397259, C4397260 and with a scream, “Oh MY GOD, I WON!”

Suddenly full of renewed energy she had jumped up out of her seat waving the ticket in the air and screaming, “Goodbye snow! Kaboom!”

While she sat in the sun at the Oceanside resort remembering the moment, she smiled ear to ear .amazed at her turn of luck.

Julie sat up in the beach chair to see if she saw any sign of the pool boy bringing her iced drink, but he wasn’t on the way yet. She relaxed back into the comfy cushioned lounge and dozed in the sunshine, the chattering voices around her disappearing into a distant mumble in her half aware slumber.

Half-awake she was suddenly aware of a shadow over her when the intense heat of the sun disappeared. She opened her eyes feeling confused for a moment and looked up to see a figure of a man holding a drink out to her in his hand, “Ma’am, you ordered a margarita?” he asked.

She sat up in her lounge chair and said,” Yes, thank you,” while she rubbed her eyes into focusing again in the bright light so she could see his face.

Standing over her with that same beautiful perfect smile was the handsome officer from home, but this time dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, his feet bare in the hot sun, his wavy brown hair tossled.

Julie burst out laughing. “Now THAT’S a police response beyond the call of duty,” she said joking with him.

“At your service,” he said, his face lit up in an impish smile. “Mind if I join you?”

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