We wanted to eat out, but not spend a lot of money. We narrowed our choice down to Western Sizzler or Shoney's, both are in Athens, TN. We had not been to Shoney's for a few years. That visit years ago was to the location in Chattanooga and at 3 pm all they had was some salad ingredients and jello. It was a joke! We noticed that the Shoney's in Athens always has cars in the parking lot. How bad could it be?

They are remodeling, so the front windows are boarded up, but it didn't make a big difference inside. We were waited on promptly and service was good. My husband ordered the spaghetti with meat sauce and I ordered the chicken pot pie. I love chicken pot pie! With our meals we got the salad bar. The ingredients were fresh and the French dressing was very good.

The spaghetti was presented nicely and it looked very good. My husband is 1/2 Italian and very fussy about his 'sketties'. He said the sauce was good and that is a compliment! The pot pie was very hot...I was told it would bake for 15 minutes, so I had to be careful. It had potatoes, peas, carrots and lots of chicken. The crust was very tasty also. It was served in a little cast iron pan. Very cute.

My meal was $7.99, my husband's was $8.99, his soda was free for some reason we still can't figure out. When he paid the bill the girl took off another $1 as a senior discount. It was a pleasant surprise and we were glad we went. Will we go back? Yes, but maybe we'll wait until the remodeling is finished. It was a little stuffy in there, maybe some minor problem with the A/C.

The location of this Shoney's is: 2616 Decatur Pike, Athens, TN. It's just a minute or two off of Interstate I-75 at the Athens/Decatur exit.

PS: Join their e-club for more savings: http://shoneys.com/email/

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