The X Factor (USA) results were one of the most shocking results of the season. The person who got the lowest number of votes and was sent home at the beginning of the show was Ellona Santiago. Ellona did not deserve to go home this soon. In fact, she could have easily won the show and it would have been well deserved. Out of all the contestants on the show she is the best performer. She has the vocal chops, the dance moves, the stage presence, the spark, the fire, the power, the charisma, and the x factor; she truly has it all. I predict great things for her even though she is no longer a part of the show. She will still be signed by a major record label. Maybe even Simon will sign her.

As the results episode progressed the shock continued as Rion Paige ended up in the bottom two (along side Carlito Olivero) and was sent home by Simon Cowell's final vote, leaving judge and mentor Demi Lovato without anyone on her team. While Rion Paige has a beautiful voice, and she does have fire in her eyes, I don't feel like she is a very memorable performer because she lacks stage presence in my opinion. And when she moves it is always awkward. Maybe she isn't ready for the limelight yet. At any rate, she still has work to do, things to learn.

I thought that Simon would vote to send Carlito home so the vote would go to a dead lock and the person with the lowest number of votes would go home, but that didn't happen. It was right to give Carlito another shot. He has come from nothing, picked himself up, auditioned for the show, and has fought every step of the way, improving every week and showing that he truly is a performer and that he deserves to be here. Not sure if he will win the show (I am rooting for Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt) but he is worthy of being in the semi-finals.

The one thing that surprised me is Simon saying that he will keep the person for whom this is the only shot, which turned out to be Carlito. But what about Rion? Going by that reasoning for Rion it may very well be the only shot because I doubt record label execs are gonna knock on her with a record deal any time soon; but you never know. I like Rion, don't get me wrong, but I feel like she is not ready yet. She certainly has what it takes to make it and be a star and a successful recording artist but she needs to work on things, including her vocals. She certainly inspires people with her fighting spirit and her background story... so we will probably hear from her again and again... It's definitely not over for her.

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