Charlie "Crowe" Camfield is a DJ who discusses the supernatural phenomenon that is shadow people, on the air. This concept is not new for the metaphysical world. However, the concept of the shadows having some modicum of responsibility for killing others is.

Shadow People III almost has a documentary-type format, in that a lot of the content is comprised of news clips, interviews and scientific discussion.

Shadow People III also lists the sleep paralysis, which is oft reported when shadow people discussions arise.

But, the show lacks substance. It's not really appealing to paranormal enthusiasts. It's too newsy.

Charlie: Let's calm down, Jeff. 'Cause, I know that you are not crazy.

Charlie: Now, every culture documents this.

Charlie: You don't know how he died?

Jeff: The only question is, how do you stop thinking about them?

Jeff: You can't get away from them.

Directed by: Matthew Arnold

Written by: Matthew Arnold

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Anne Dudek, Alison Eastwood and Dallas Roberts

Rated: PG-13