I was going to check my emails on Yahoo and seen that "#trending now" at #1 was #Sex "Superbug", so I was curious. I clicked on it and began reading. Apparently there has been at least 2 cases that have been confirmed in #Hawaii. This "super sex bug" they are calling it a resistant strain of gonorrhea.

As if gonorrhea was not bad enough to be diagnosed with already, now it's "Super Gonorrhea" and sadly because it's new (first case was found May 2011) there is no cure, there is no antibiotics simply put there is no treatment yet. Similar to AIDS virus, there's not crap they can do for you.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has requested $50 million from Congress to help them study the new infection, and hopefully get a treatment prepared as quickly as they can. While I think it's a really good idea to get ahead of this as quickly as possible, in today's economy who's pocket would they pull $50 million from? They should be asking those billionaire's that have one night stands when away from home... just my opinion.

The first case was found in Japan sometime in 2011, Since 2011 it has also been found in #California and #Norway. They fear this super #gonorrhea will become worse that #AIDS because it spreads much faster, being the 2nd most common sexually transmitted #infection in North America.

While AIDS weakens you and kills you over a period of years, this new antibiotic gonorrhea can kill you within days, it's not a bug to be fooling around with!

I just found this interesting, so thought I would share it. Hopefully they can either get the funding and find a treatment before it spreads like the T-virus on Resident Evil...

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