simple ways to improve the total die hp simple ways to improve hp total dead Dead Following analysis and corrective steps if the phone is switched off to meet total: 1. Check the battery is full or empty / blank checks need to be done, as often occurs due to a dead cell phone battery is also empty. Pengecekannya way by using a voltmeter with a measuring scale on dcv 10 (because most mobile phone batteries ranging from 3.7 volts s / d 7.2 volts). If the measurement of the battery voltage is normal apparently possibility indeed dead cell phone, and the necessary next steps pengecakan. 2. Make sure the battery connector is clean / ill at all sure rusty metal surfaces on the battery connectors are clean, no rust, carbon or dirt. Because rust, dirt or carbonation on the surface of the battery connector can result in the existence of barriers, thus blocking the flow of electricity from the battery to the phone. If you encounter this situation, do the cleaning with thinner or fine emery. 3. Check the v-bat path, konlet or not, broken or not. a. Check to see if the positive line and ground short circuit or not Perform measurements with an ohmmeter, position on 1X. Make a check by putting the positive cable to the positive battery connector, and the negative cable is laid in the ground. Then the ohmmeter needle will move but not full as there are no barriers (mean normal conditions). Then turn the cable, then it should not move the needle measurement results, if the gauge needle moves indicate the resistance value can be ascertained phone is short, especially if the needle moves to zero ohm meter (meaning the battery is connected to the positive leg full of ground, does not automatically phone might be alive). Two of the above shows that v-bat phone lines under normal circumstances. Then proceed with step 4 and 5, which do check the voltage of the battery and the phone were done charging. If the phone can charge the phone normally it is most likely problematic in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrack switches on / off only. The solution starts with a check switch on / off until the checking line on / off. If there is a path-breaking should take the jumper connection with or replacement of components which cause lines on / off disconnected. For this step needs to see the schematic drawing, however if abnormalities are found, eg mobile phone short partial or total short as in the picture below, it is necessary to handling hardware more carefully. if from these measurements it was found that the cause of death is konsletnya phone lines with v-bat With this analysis, it can be done checking steps and gradual improvements as described below. Schematic clay and notice all the components are connected directly to the v-bat, condenser / capacitor, ic PA, charging IC, IC etc. ring. Because the components that are likely to cause a short circuit. To ascertain which component is causing a short-circuit by cutting off the voltage to the components, or to revoke (if forced to cut no fuse / coil of v-bat to the component). Or by phone given instant battery voltage, and touched with a finger which components increased temperature / heat palpable. Step repeal these components, made from small components, such as coils, capacitors, diodes, resistors, and then if it does not find that short-circuit the IC-IC is set to be checked. Keep in mind, every component after removing it, do check dg ohmmeter directly (as discussed above) whether or not short-circuit. Checking with supplay First addition to the above, to check hp v-bat path normal or not, can be done with the help of supplay. Set supplay the appropriate voltage battery voltage (eg 4volt), then connect the red wire (+) to the positive battery connector and green wire to BSI line / bsi line (especially for type nokia / nokia besides unnecessary bsi line is connected), and black wire to ground / battery negative connector. Hp normally in the off state when the voltage scale still shows numbers as before (4 volts) and amperage on the power scale supplay not changed / fixed in position zero. However, if there is a change in power supplay voltage to zero then it is certain that the phone was short total, or if the voltage remains as before (4votl) but the scale ammeter direct supplay up (eg to 0.2) it can be ascertained that the phone was in a state short partial / partial. This step is done without pressing the power button on the phone. Furthermore, if both of the above normal hp, do the next check is to push / push power on / off the phone. See ampere meter scale reaction on supplay. If the scale rose 0.2 shows the position of the normal cell phone (in the sense that no short-circuit). However, if at the time the power button on the press and scale up the amperage exceeds 0.2 or 0.5 for example it can be ascertained phones have short time began to get into ic voltage power (when the on / off in the press). To determine which components are short-circuited, ic touch / components, if an increase in heat / temperature, it can be ascertained that the source components of the problem. Replace the component that the short-circuit problem can be resolved. b. Checks Line V-positive bat broken or not checking the same way as the steps above. If all checks no response at all. Gauge needle does not change / not responding mean V-BAT lane drop. Their resolution, see the schematic and browse the entire line V-bat, looking for lines that still connect with the v-bat (no resistance value). If you've found it, did the connection from the battery connector (+) to that point. Or replace components that cause the break up. 4. If all of the above good, check the charging is done. If all paths v-good bat do check by charging. Put the phone battery (battery contents) then do charging, tough phone response. If the phone can be charging (no charging indicator layer that runs on the phone), it means that the phone is actually turned on. Likely only on / off or line on / off are experiencing problems. (Or bias also in some cases due to its software error). Perform the next step, namely checking on / off switch and track on / off. 5. Check the path and or switch on / off Langkah-langkah/urutan checking on / off switch 1) Check the switch on / off by using the ohmmeter on the X1 scale. Connect the ohmmeter positive and negative, on foot each on / off and then push the on / off switch is. If the needle moves and ohmmeter shows zero ohms, then switch on / off in good condition. However, if the switch is pressed when the ohmmeter scale needle does not move then it means that the switch on / off the phone is broken / not working. Perform replacement on / off switch that if the second condition is met. 2) Check the track on / off. Use ohmmeter X1 or X10 for this measurement. Keep in mind, the power switch on / off consists of 2 feet, the foot of the phase (+) and the feet ground (-). Put the red wire (+) positive ohmmeter on the foot switch on / off and a black wire (-) on the ground. See results on a scale of measurement ohmmeter. First, if the needle moves indicate resistance value / certain constraints on the probability off the normal path. Secondly, if the scale needle shows zero ohms (full move to the right), it can be ascertained that the positive line on / off the short to ground. Third, if the needle does not move at all, it can be concluded that the track on / off the phone was broken. Resolution of this case, see in the schematic and see where the track broke. If it is found then do cable splicing by email (jumper) or if it broke because the coil or resistor do the replacement. If found lines on / off drop See schematic, browse in the area where the break, then do the replacement components that cause broken or jumper if the drop is the layer / track in play boardnya. If the IC due to power breakdown that is not installed properly (or foot BGAnya corrode) can then reball or replacement power IC 6. If the measurements above, all normal lines. Take measurements of all the working voltage power ICs. Or in other words, all the resulting voltage IC power after a battery voltage should be normal. Voltage support to the vital parts of the phone. Voltage to the CPU, flash IC, RAM or also to other components. Note: The voltage is less / no to certain components will cause the IC voltage gets it can not work. For example: the voltage to the IC flash problem, the IC flash will not bias the resulting work phone totally dead.