I have nothing against ebay. Or Gumtree. Or any site on which you can sell your unwanted possessions to someone who will have a use for them. In fact, I think they are a great idea - most of us welcome a bit of extra cash and recycling is so important in our bid to look after the planet. I'm not a big ebayer anyway but, as a family, we have put various items on there before. We have also placed items on Gumtree - none of these have sold or attracted even the slightest bit of interest. There has been nothing wrong with the item, but it might have been due to such sites being saturated with similar goods.

Now, though, I have found a much better place to sell items on to another home. It works wonders. It's a lot faster. There is no post involved - so no postage costs for anyone to worry about and no heading out to the Post Office. And it's all down to Facebook. Yes, someone invited me to join a closed group based on selling unwanted items to other people in the immediate vicinity (a certain area within the city in which I live). You can give your stuff away, sell your stuff for whatever price you think is right, and even request an item on the off-chance that someone else might have it.

In fact, only the other day someone asked for some size 5 football boots because at the local secondary school studded boots are compulsory, yet the boys only play football for six weeks per year. I had just the pair, rotting away in the cupboard. (When I say 'rotting' I almost mean literally, since they were still covered in mud and too small for my son.) I cleaned them up like new and passed them on - I didn't charge, they were just old shoes. They would be off to the recycling centre otherwise. I was just glad to have got rid of them.

The first item I sold on this site was my son's Xbox, since he wanted the money for something else. He had already posted in on Gumtree, and received no interest at all. It was on there for days, yet when we posted it onto this new Facebook group instead, it was sold within a day. The lady came round to see it, we showed her it working and she (and her children) were delighted. She even messaged me a week later to say how much they all loved it.

Only last night, I posted another item - an old pushchair. It was in the way and we have no use for it now. I put it on the site, went upstairs to do something and by the time I came back (five minutes later) someone had shown interest. She came to see it this morning, loved it, paid for it and took it away. Perfect!

You can certainly sell things you no longer want much more quickly than on many other sites. But why? I think it is the community aspect. We all live near each other (although we don't all know each other) and so it is easy and simple to visit the poster's house to view the items. Because it is a closed group, there is no one trying to scam people and everyone is honest about the items they want rid of. Not only that, but because it is a Facebook group, it notifies you of all new posts, so you do not actually have to be looking for something to come across it. It's like being at a car boot sale without having to leave the sofa!

The group is based on a small area of the city which is probably no more than a mile wide. A lot of the members are people I know, and yet more are people I recognise. Many are parents from the same schools. It really does work and items sell quickly if they are in acceptable condition. And anyone can set one up!