Was just checking our weather report looking for a day when all this lingering icy snow might just melt, and came upon a story about how much of the East coast may get what we just received. For all you who may be in the path of this Arctic blast, I hope you are prepared , and stocked up. Nothing worst than running out of basic staples and unable to get out to replenish your stock. This so far has been a rather mean winter, when in technicality winter hasn't even begun. I certainly hope that this isn't any indication of what is to come in the months ahead. As for us, I noticed our weather will bring more rain for the next two days followed by some sunshine finally on Monday where maybe the temps will be high enough to finally melt the remnants of the last storm. Kids around here only went back to school today. But I noticed that they were being left off on main roads, and having to walk to their homes, as quite a few back roads are still rather slick yet.