I was really touched after reading a news article about how the deaf running back in Seahawks is surprising the whole Nation .Derrick Coleman made the Seahawks roster this season, despite being partially disabled the team and the coachers still believe in him. The running backs testimony is very touching, he was told at the age of 3 that he is legally deaf and that was the end for him but he was not intimidated by that . He kept building his hope to find if there is a will, there is a way .

Coleman attended college in UCLA and had an outstanding football career and records but, failed to get drafted to the NFL because of his disability. I salute the champion Seahawks for believing in him and willing to take the risk in hiring and resourcing a person like Coleman. With his known disability to Seahawks it takes courage for a coach like Pete Carrol to make a decision as such and believe that Coleman's potential will bring growth to his team. I appalled Seahawks players too for their trust in giving Coleman an opportunity to prove himself. His history of being bullied in his elementary days because he is deaf didn't really matter to the players, they support him as brotherhood team mate.

Coleman made history by being the first legally deaf player in the NFL history. I just wanted to share this story with my fellow bubblers, a story full of courage and motivating to me. In life sometimes we are faced with challenges of this mortal realm that we say things come to an end . I believe if we believe and work hard and focus on our goal and ask God for his divine intervention, nothing is impossible in this life.