Welcome back to another episode of The SCP Series! In this episode, we'll discover the unique properties about SCP-038 (Safe)! Discovered in [DATA REDACTED], New York, the Foundation first thought 038 was an apple tree; but when they noticed other fruits growing on it, it was obvious that it was far from common. Upon initial testing, it was discovered that 038 could clone any fruit that touched its bark; but after even further analysis, Foundation personell learned that 038 could grow ANYTHING that touched its bark. Starting with apples, pears, grapefruits, and watermelons, scientists were able to clone candy bars, televisions, keys, compact disks, even people. However, cloning live beings are highly discouraged, as cloned subjects aged too quickly, living for only 2 weeks on average. Autopsies on live clones showed that they had begun to ferment before they expired. When original object touched the bark of 038, a clone would grow from its branches and mature within minutes. The only limit to cloning objects was that it must weigh less than 90.9 kg (or 200 lbs.), but other than that, most items were perfectly able to be cloned successfully (the word, "most," is used as SCP-500 could not be perfectly cloned, as stated in an earlier episode. See SCP-500's episode.). For more information pertaining to SCP-038, click here http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-038 .