What: A bazillion (12-15,000) Cub and Boy Scouts and their dads/moms/siblings all in one spot doing cool stuff like geocaching, motor sports, animal kingdom, midway, sports clinics, shooting sports, Habitat for Humanity project, skilled trades workshops, ziplining, climbing towers, camping, fireworks, entertainment

When: May 16-18, 2014 (held every 4 years)

Where: Kansas Speedway

Who: Boy Scouts and their families

Why: ‘Cuz it’s fun and keeps kids outta trouble

How: Be a Scout or prospective Scout and find a Pack or Troop near you to find out how to attend

Cost: Only $30 for the entire weekend of 2 nights of camping, 4 meals and all activities!

Here’s the cool website for more information: http://www.hoac-bsa.org/scouting-500

I can just see @JonathanL trying to figure out how to shrink up and become a Boy Scout so he can hit the Speedway!

**For the record, I believe gay kids should be allowed in Scouts. I have taken the survey and stated such. I am keeping my own kid in so I can possibly help to affect change.

Photo is from pixabay

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