The best thing is sitting down. Sehaus anything, try to drink water while sitting, not standing. Why? Because the drink while sitting, then a lot of positive energy that will be obtained mainly for health. Therefore, though very thirsty, drink by sitting, not standing.

Drinking while standing results in impaired kidney and urinary tract. If we're thirsty, then the best way to ease it is to drink water as soon as possible. However, do you know, how the best way to drink it?

Islam is indeed a religion that is perfect only the religion of Islam that governs all aspects of our lives begin to wake up until we go back to sleep have all been in Ataur by Islam, it is no doubt for this religion. But not infrequently also among us understand that Islam has set all aspects of our lives that we look for solutions outside the Islamic Shari'ah Islamic syaria't even to violate this.


The following are explanations of medical and acupuncture, why it is recommended to drink sitting.

The human body has a network filter (filters). Some call it the name filter filter sfringer, ie a structure maskuler (muscular) which can be opened (so that urine can pass) and close. Any water we drink will be supplied to the posts that are in the kidney filtration.

This filter will filter open when we sat down, and closed when standing. Therefore, if you drink standing up, then the water will go straight up into the bladder without screening process. When directly to the bladder, then the precipitation occurs ureter.Bila disaluran this happens, then this will lead to disorders of the kidneys.

In contrast, the sitting, the filter will filter open and will be processed in the body before they were distributed to a variety of other organs, and then processed again to get into the bladder. Thus, the perceived thirst will soon disappear after drinking water while sitting.