I have downloaded another app on my phone. This one has already made me a little profit though. The app is called scantopia. After you install the app you go around your house and scan the UPC Code from items you own. You will either win money or tokens for every scan. After you scan a certain amount of items , you have to wait thirty minutes before you can scan again. You can also scan at the stores. They have a scan of the day where you win a dollar if you scan the right item. There are also sweepstakes that you enter by using your tokens. I installed this app yesterday, and I have scanned on 4 different occasions. I have already put $3.00 ( the minimum payout) into my paypal account, and I am halfway to my next payout. This is not an app to get rich, but it is fun for the kids to scan items around the house and make a little bit of money.

Install the app and see for yourself :)

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