I was having some technical issues when I needed to scan a document using my all-in-one printer. The screen on my printer would only show the message alert that my ink cartridges are empty and need replacing. I tried to clear this message so I could use the scanning function, but it would not allow me to. I also tried pressing every and any button on the printer to override the message alert

I thought that I was smart when I decided to remove the ink cartridges so that there wouldn't be a message telling me that the cartridges were empty, but the message alert changed, telling me to insert ink cartridges.

I eventually decided use my computer to open the printer manufacturer's program that the scanner uses to turn them into digital files. I looked around the program to find a way to scan images without using the scan button on the printer. I was successful with this and was glad that I didn't have to buy new ink cartridges in order to scan my documents.

Keeping in mind that I was able to find a solution today with my printer, this is an example of how you can eventually work your way around certain things that make life harder.

Have you worked your way around a technical issue like this one?

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