This Champions Trophy Cricket has produced couple of very talented cricketers and some of the cricketers were know to the world through this 20/20 cricket. Sanju Sampson is one of them. He is the cricketer who comes from Vizhinjam, Trivandrum, Kerala. It is good to see cricketers from Kerala getting recognized at the higher level. He is only 18 years old, but has a great potential to be one of the player to play for team India. He is a wicket keeper batsman. After retiring of Dhoni in the future, there would be a concern as to who would take his place as a wicket keeper batsman who can hit bowl to a greater distance and to win matches. After watching Saju Sampson in the playing for Rajasthan Royals, I think most probably he would be a good option to play for team India in the future.

Another thing that most cricketers have is getting anxious in tough situation. I think like Dhoni Sanju Sampson is very calm and also calculates and takes runs at a quick rate or by taking singles. One thing that I like about him is that his ability to hit the ball at the long distances whenever the team needed. I think he has a great talent and ability and most probably one of the players to watch and I would love him to play for team India.

I think there are lots of things common between Dhoni and Sanju Sampson. One thing is that both are wicket keeper batsman and both are very calm. Another thing is that both are good timers of bowel and has the ability to clear the boundry whenever needed by hitting 4s and 6s. I think Sanju Sampson should be picked for 20/20 cricket at the international level and considering his young age of 18 most probably he would be one of the cricketers that would be in team India in future.

I think most probably Sanju Sampson had made all malayalees proud by playing quality cricket and also showing great abilities in cricket.

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