On Saturday I picked up a package of 90%/10% ground beef at Sam's Club and cooked half the pack that evening. I made some tacos and they didn't quite taste right. There were several hard (maybe bone) pieces in it, it was greasier than usual, and the texture was terrible. To me it felt chewy and hard to break down. Needless to say, after a few bites I could not eat any more. We often buy our meat from Sam's Club and we've never had a bad batch.

I remembered reading that they have a 200% satisfaction guarantee. Sure enough it said it right on the package. I just clipped out the label with the bar code and the next day I took that and the remaining uncooked meat with me back to Sam's Club. They ended up refunding the price I paid and I received a replacement pack. All they had to do was scan it out of their system and give me a new receipt so I could show it at the door.

It was a simple process and I was a happy customer. I just read that the 200% satisfaction guarantee is on all fresh products (i.e., meat, bakery and produce). It also says that they will either refund the amount you paid and replace the product, like they did for me, or they will refund you double the amount paid. So next time you're not satisfied with a Sam's Club fresh product make use of their satisfaction guarantee.