A blood transfusion to abrother which was not screened turned into a misery and later into a great support to others. In those old days 1980's the science and technology of blood testing was not develped yet to save the massive. Christopher Kaleba the name founder of The Aids Support Organisation is another hero to remember, because after the bloodd transfusion from the brother, he got infectedd and later his situation was so worse that later called for his death! He had a good heart of loving and caring for other people, he was too educative to others and above all a man a door to door assistance for the poor and sick.

After his death, the brother went abroad and they found out he had acquired the virus, which was an automatic indication that he was the one responsibe for his death because he give his blood through transfusion to save the life of the brother when the blood was already infected, but we might not put so much blame on him being that he did it unknowingily! The wife and the the children also after were testedd and they were fine, meaning that the poor science and technology by then was to blame! Too Bad! Norah Kaleba of the deceased now continued the good work that was being performed by the Husband and through the much support from the international organisation , The Aids Support Organisation has become the biggest and welknown organisation that has helped many sick and speechless, helpless, homeless to attain the basic needs of life for example Medicine, food, clothes, shoes, education for affected families for the children.

At the Moment Uganda celebates 25 years of supporting the Aids victim with the above organisation!