Okay is it just me or is this month barreling by with uncanny speed? Today was a day much like many others. I went to work with my dad, we sanded and mudded and hung some drywall and then I came home. We left a little early because work came to a standstill waiting on things to dry. But tomorrow it's back at it. Katie is picking up all sorts of extra shifts this week so I am home with Mr. Noah right now. He's in a good mood but doesn't seem to want to be alone for more than 12 seconds. We're playing with an old toy that I used to play with at my Grandmas house when I was a kid. It's funny how toys can have such staying power like that.

I think it's do or die time for signing up for that 5K on Saturday. And since i did so well on bubblews the past few days i'm going to go for it. It will be nice to have an actual race under my belt before the big one.

Well i better get back to Noah now!

What's new in your world today?

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