All this happened in Romania,city Constanta. After one night in the club five young kids drunk Roxana Babenco and drogged her. There was a rape without violence.Violence was not necesary because Roxana got drunked from the club and when they arrived home with her. Five young boys with no brain raped the drunk and drogged girl. I saw many comments accusing this girl for being a whore and this is so oh my God. In what world we live? After they raped her they uploaded the movie on Internet.All her friends saw how this girl made sex drunk and drogged. Now we can say that Roxana's life is so damaged and I think their parents should be very careful about her not to suicide. This kind of actions can make a man take his life.Those kids are so stupid and they didn't think of this bad action and how they destroyed Roxana's life. I mean this world with this kids is going so crazy.What kind of person you must be to do this kind of things to a girl? Why all the people call her whore when all can see in the movies posted on Internet that she is drunk and drogged? Why education is so low in Romania?

Now from all this bad situation I tell to all of you who keeps calling this girl whore to think at some things.

1.Notice that the girl is drunk and full with drogs in the middle of actions. If she wasn't drunk than you can say that she is a whore.

2.Why judge a girl when you do same dirty things maybe more than her?

3.Why can't you see that your words can kill that girl? Many people suicide because of this kind of actions.

4.Even if she was a whore is not having 20 years she have just 15 so she can't think well. The girl needs help not your bad words or bad eyes on her.

5.Before you talk about what a young girl with no brain did look first at yourself.At least she have 15 years old you rest are bigger.

6.Another thing that you should notice in the movie is that the drunk girl is beautifull and the 5 autist kids are so damn ugly.

Something was wrong and all the people saying is that the young girl is a whore. So how about you mind your life and stop ruining others? See the real bad thing from this action made by five young nerds with no brain. She was not thinking because she was drunk and drogged by those autist 5 virgin nerds.