Alexandra Stan says he was beaten by his manager. One day ago on the star's Facebook page a message that its team announced that Alexandra Stan has suffered a car accident and is recovering. In an interview for thought , Alexandra Stan's father claims that his daughter was beaten and thrown from the machine manager Marcel Prodan. By this time, the manager could not be contacted.

ALEXANDRA STAN beat. ALEXANDRA STAN did not crash, but was beaten by manager. What does ALEXANDRA STAN

What does Alexandra Stan's father: "Her luck was that a foreign car stopped when he saw her there crouched and bloody"

Because he had asked money managers which is due after six months in which all had concerts and saw no lion, Alexandra Stan was beaten and thrown into the street that shared success and fees. That star's father claims in an interview with the thought.

The man says that his daughter had been struck by one of the managers, Marcel Prodan. It all started with the money, the weekend at his studio in Constanta. Alexandra asked for money on Saturday, and he "beat her to let her unconscious," says the star's father. "My daughter spent two hours there, and when he asked to come back home, Valu Trajan "says he.

Along the way, the conflict would have continued, and at the entrance to their hometown, Alexandra Stan would have been thrown from the car by Marcel Prodan. "He lay there on the road," says the thought of George Stan. "Her luck was that a foreign car stopped when he saw her crouched there full of blood. Came and the police as they took my girl and took her to a hospital," says this stating that both documents Prodan and remained at the Alexandra police.

According to the star's father, the police would have a record.

George Stan said he found out just what happened Sunday with his daughter. "He had downloaded your how to tell me," says the man who went to Constance to bring girl home after he received a call from a friend of Alexandra.

'Lu' mother came to worse, and me .. what can I say, "said the hard man. "In 25 years I never once beat children, and now comes a jerk and ruin my face ... I thought die," continued the man. "I will go to any lengths to justice. We advocate, I complained to the Prosecutor's Office, witnesses and the report from the police."

Monday at noon, George Stan guarding his daughter, trying to rest. "In the afternoon I go with her to Constanta at the hospital to see the doctors again. My daughter is sick, his eyes swollen and kidney hurt because it was kicked. Alexandra has only one kidney because that was born, "says the man.

Do not want to hear excuses from the one who calls asshole, Marcel Prodan. "What apologize? Not have to talk to him. Discuss with this man just our lawyer," says George Stan.

Asked about the nature of the relationship between Alexandra and manager, George Stan claims that was a professional, not love: "They were classmates and had professional relationships. Was classmate with both, and with the other manager Prodan, Andrei Nemirschi, but it did not what to blame.'s not even country. "

Should be searched for in the last hours Marcel Prodan Alexandra? "I came to see her, not called., And hung up, I know that everyone call him to ask him why he did this," says the star's father.

Furthermore, George Stan does not understand why it took false messages on Facebook. "Alexandra has 2 million fans are now worried that she would be in a coma. Alexandra has no way to respond, because only they have access to the mail manager on site and her Facebook account. Everything he wrote on Facebook's a lie, "says the man.