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I read a post this morning. It was about road apples. Fortunately the author included a photo of a horse depositing apples on a road. This sparked my memory of the time I saw Road Apples for sale, in a candy and novelty store. In Estes Park, Colorado, near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park there are several tourist type shops selling souvenirs to help you remember your visit to the area. Because a lot of rock collectors come to the mountains, this store had a wide selection of Rock Candy. Adjacent to the open table candy counter was a table of novelties. In a box that was exactly the same shape and type was a box of glazed road apples. The box had a clear see through top. Let me tell you, these glazed road apples looked just like rocks.

I was with a visitor from another country. He bought some rock candy, and when we got into the car I caught him just in time, before he actually bit into the "special" rock candy items, that were really Road Apples. That was 1967, and I wonder if they still get away with selling Road Apples next to Rock Candy.

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