Now Ready for Election!!

at 19th November 2013 election is going to be here in my city but i am confused. i know voting is our right and we have to use this rights in every election but when you know all the candidate are not good in your view then what should you do? that's question always came in my mind but supreme court of india give us a new option in this election is Right to Reject and we can see a new Hot Button on EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) that was NOTA means None of The Above.

I was decided that i use NOTA in this election and after that i want to show the political leaders that to use good candidate for election and please do not use Corrupted people.

I know NOTA voting is not counting in this election and this negative voting is just for a view to how many people use this and i am one of them.

Hope in Future that Button will make a important Role in Indian Election System.

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