I just read an article sent to me through my Yahoo mail about the bad effect of eating rice. I love rice. In fact, I think I am eating too much rice from what is required by health enthusiasts. This is because in the Philippines, rice is the staple food and most Filipinos cannot go without rice every meal of the day; although some would prefer riceless breakfast.

Reading this article made me nervous so I want to share the article to people who believe it or those who want precaution. In relation to my article, there was this woman in the town where I live who had been diagnosed of colon cancer and was operated on. She decided to change her diet through the courtesy of some friends’ advice; she then substituted rice with “camote” (local name) or sweet potato. So, instead of eating rice with her other usual foods, she ate instead camote. And she did right because up to now she is still alive after several years of eating camote.

Back to the article:

The article says, rice can cause cancer because it contains high level of toxins from the chemicals used for more production and fight against insects.

To read more here’s the link to the article. http://food-safety.knoji.com/how-can-eating-rice-cause-you-cancer/