WWE legend and Hall of Famer "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is in some legal trouble right now. His estranged wife just got a judge to post a contempt charge against Flair for unpaid spousal support. This also came the same day that his estranged wife - Jacqueline Beems - was arrested for allegedly making harassing phone calls to Flair's current girlfriend Wendy Barlow Kidder.

For her part, Beems denies the harassing phone calls, which Flair says included numerous text messages and voice mails. Now, if they saved the voice mails and text messages, her denials won't matter in court. On the other hand, Ric Flair says the reason he failed to make the payments he is behind on because he became preoccupied after his son Reid Flair died in March of a drug overdose and then Flair himself ended up in a hospital with a blood clot.

This all sounds like Ric Flair's estranged wife getting back at him for filing the harassment charges against her, but that can't be known for sure. If Flair pays what he is behind on, which he said he plans to do immediately, he will not be arrested.

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  • photo used from Wikimedia Commons