Lifetime premiered another movie tonight tracing the true story of serial killer Keith Hunter Jepperson. David Arquette stars as the psychotic Jepperson and Gloria Reuben plays Melinda Gand, the hardnosed FBI agent assigned to solve the case.

The movie gives us glimpses into the tortured childhood of the killer. This background sets the stage for Jepperson turning to killing, prompted by his wife leaving him and taking his children with her. His job as an over the road trucker puts him in contact with road prostitutes and pretty female hitch-hikers, all who become his victims.

Arquette does a good job portraying the twisted predator. His rants in front of his video camera are downright creepy. I can just imagine what the real videos recorded by Jepperson were like.

Reuben is decent in her portrayal of an FBI agent. In one scene, however, her character goes into a room and handles evidence without donning the typical rubber gloves. I don’t think a real agent would do that. She also has a letter written by the Happy Face Killer, and actually calls him in for an interview. One would think that a handwriting analysis would have been in order.

All in all this is a pretty good movie. If you missed the premier tonight, I’m sure it will on again and again. We are talking about Lifetime, after all.