I saw these in the store and for $1.37 I couldn't say no. I picked up three of the paper masks and today I randomly selected the Rose one. Opening the package your'e greeted by a feminine floral scent that I immediately loved. Now I usually don't do paper masks, I do the ones you have to wash off and this being my first paper mask I was kind of confused. It was slimy which, isn't a bad thing, but was a new experience. putting it on was kind of difficult, had to do it with a mirror of course. it didn't really fit my face the best but it hit all my problem areas: forehead, nose, cheeks. So I was okay Keeping it on for about 5 minutes I noticed a few things. One it made my face tingle a bit. Which if you red my Yes To Tomatoes review I'm new to the whole face tingling thing. But I kept it on and removed it after the recommended time.

This mask is supposed to brighten your skin, even the tone and make it feel smooth. My face does seem brighter. It feels cleaner and it feels incredibly smooth.

I give this product a 4 out of 5. The tingling action was a little alarming at first but I actually love this mask. If I dont love one of the other two more I'll probably get the rose one pretty often. Its a great mask and its not as messy as the ones you have to apply. You should for sure check this out.

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