Success with 9-inch tablet before the X9, IMO bring back the tablet with wide screen similar titled Z9. Armed with a design similar to the iPad Z9 ready to seize the market through the operating system Android Jelly Bean plus phone and sms functions. How it performs?


Dimensions: (WxDxH): 242 x 189 x 10 mm Comes with two color options black and white, Z9 comes with a plastic body that carries a combination of black and chrome silver. With dimensions of 242 x 189 x 10 mm, body made ​​of plastic material Z9. With a layer of chrome paint on the back, IMO successfully displays an elegant impression on the Z9.

Turning on all four sides of the body, you can find the power button next to the volume buttons on the right side. While, on the port side of the embedded audio / headset, microUSB, SIM card slot and microSD card slot.