Over time everyday flatware can lose its luster. The see your reflection in the spoon trick you did when the set was first purchased is now dull with a distorted look to it. There is a little trick to restore that shiny luster so that each spoon, fork and knife will have the look it had when it first entered your kitchen.

Ordinary stainless steel utensils lose their sheen and become spotted or streaky for a number of reasons. One is obvious, they are used constantly. Another reason is they are placed in the dishwasher which cleansing is harsher than washing by hand.

To give your flatware back its shinny look all you have to do is ....

Read on to learn the tips and tricks plus a video on polishing real silver utensils: http://www.examiner.com/article/restore-the-luster-to-your-everyday-flatware

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