I was hoping to post this earlier but because of the errors I couldn't so I made a tribute to my classmate a close friend in college at St. Paul College of Iloilo, nursing; now known as University of St. Paul in Iloilo. For four years we became good friends. We have had our ups and downs and our graduation retreat was the most emotional because something happened to pull us apart yet our common friends made an effort for us to be alone together. There tears and the laughter, it was good to be friends again. Then I went abroad and she went back to her hometown. When I came back we were able to communicate thru facebook while planning our 25th or silver anniversary last 2005. It was a week of happiness and joy meeting each other again from abroad and from other places in the Philippines. Then there were occasional get together because she lived in another island - Negros Island while I am in Iloilo. We just continued thru facebook. Last week we got word she had a stroke and was in the hospital, we said prayers and kept contact with her oldest daughter. They said that she was able to speak a little and move a little so we thought she was going to be ok. Our other classmates abroad sent financial help. Just this morning I read the news she died last night at 9pm March 21, 2013. My tears fell reading the notice and still do when I think of her. It is also an awakening that we have to take care of our health. She was only 53, like me. She seemed healthier than me but there could have been other reasons for her stroke, problems, stress, over fatigue etc... Rest in Peace my dear friend Grace, watch over us here left behind. We will miss you :( #tribute #facebook #Negros_island #Iloilo #Stroke #financial #healthier #over-fatigue