Reposting Your Blog Posts on Bubblews - Good or Bad?

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One of the advantages of using #Bubblews over other #paid-to-write services is the fact that you can repost your blog posts and link back to the original content. Most other sites, such as Hubpages, do not allow this. This ability seems like a plus, but it is really?

The #Pros-of-Reposting Blog Posts:

  1. Earnings - Obviously, getting paid for the blog posts you are already writing is a plus.

  2. Backlinks - For each time you repost on Bubblews, you gain another #backlink to your blog. This can help to increase your google #pagerank , as well as lower your #Alexa ranking. (Yes, you want your Alexa ranking to be low!)

  3. Traffic - Providing interesting content along with a #link back to your #blog may draw more #visitors to your blog.

The #Cons-of-Reposting Blog Posts:

  1. Duplicate Content - By reposting your blog posts, you are making your original blog content considered #duplicate-content . This in turn, can hurt your google page rank. To avoid duplicate content you can mark your blog post to “ #noindex “. However, this will greatly lower the odds of your blog post coming up in the #google search engine. You definitely don’t want to do this if you have very little content. If you have a lot of content on your blog, it is more of a decision weighing the factors and whether or not the pros outweigh the cons for you.

  2. Search Engine Rankings - You would think that by gaining more backlinks from posting on Bubblews, your blog would rank higher in the search engines. This may turn out to be true for you, but the Bubblews site itself has a pretty high rank in the search engines, and more than likely will always out rank your blog. Your blog may still come second on the search page, but the content you repost on Bubblews will probably always be number one, knocking your original post out of the top spot. For some, this may not be such a big deal as some of the visitors may end up clicking the link back to your blog from your Bubblews post, and you will be paid for the post as well.

  3. Less Traffic - Because of the reason stated in the second con above, your blog may actually end up receiving less traffic than it would if your content was only to be found on your blog. If the content can only be found on your blog, obviously readers must visit it to read the content. If they can find it somewhere else, such as Bubblews, and they get to that site first, a percentage of the people will not take the time to follow the link back to your blog.

Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of #reposting your blog #posts on Bubblews, let’s discuss the best solution.

I recommend that you always do your best to stay true to writing #original-content . So don’t just #repost-your-blog-posts to Bubblews, but more so renew them. Avoid simply copying and pasting your posts. Instead, use Bubblews as a way to dig up old blog posts that have died down or lost interest and introduce them to your fellow bubblers . Write a brief summary of your content and perhaps even include a short excerpt from your blog post. Or write your new Bubblews post based on your blog post topic, yet reword it and write it from a new outlook on how it relates to you now. Then include a link to the original post on your blog for those who are interested. This method will help you avoid duplicate content and at the same time get paid for your blog posts, as well as gain more #traffic to your blog and new interest in old posts.

You can see an example of this method with one of my previous posts here,

I began by browsing through the older posts on my blog. I came across a post I had wrote last year when the kids were starting the school year. "Lunchbox Recipes - Healthy Lunches for Kids" Since the school year has now ended and Summer break has started, I decided to write a post on Bubblews, using my blog post as a reference, and writing about how important it is to not let the fun and excitement of summer be an excuse for kids to skip lunch or eat poorly. I also inserted one of my favorite recipes from the list, and then linked back to the blog post where interested readers could find more of these easy, yet healthy lunch recipes to keep kids eating healthy and interested in their food.

Of course I could have simply copied and pasted my blog post and saved a little time. But I truly believe in " #Quality-Over-Quantity " and by doing this instead, I avoided the cons listed above, ended up with 2 pieces of original content, and legitimately referred back to my blog. Plus, it still didn't take much time to put the new post together since I already had the topic and all the information I needed.

*Note: If using this method please be sure to always link to a legitimate blog or website and content relating to your Bubblews post.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below to be discussed.

**Do you repost your blog post on Bubblews?

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