From the last 2 years the electronic mail, shortly e-mail, users has been increased rapidly. Email is the most secure way for Internet communication than social networking websites. The top 3 contenders of email services are Gmail, Yahoo mail and Rediff mail. I am using the three email service providers from years which motivated me to write a post about them. According to me Rediff mail is the best email service provider over Yahoo mail and Gmail. Because it is more secure and even the CEO of rediff can not hack your account. It doesn't mean he is trying to hack our accounts, i provided this example for you to understand how secure Rediff mail is. Then the second place is occupied by Google. Gmail could have been the number one, but spam made it down. And the third place goes to yahoo. Infact yahoo mail is the worst email provider in the internet. Because anyone can create a fake account and cheat people. Note this post is just my experience,but not an email guide for you. Thank you.

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Sincerely, Mr. Laxmi Prasanna