We don't get too many red squirrels in our yard, just a couple here and there. But one thing I have noticed, is when they show up, everything else runs or flies away.

They are smaller than the typical grey or black squirrels and yet when they show up, the others run. The red squirrel just barges in and basically bumps anything else off the feeders.

I think they are very cute if you can get a picture of them, as they are twitchy but obviously loners. But I thought it was amazing that one little red squirrel could send 10 squirrels who were feeding in many different directions. When i was looking out the kitchen window enjoying the birds eating and the squirrels I really thought a cat or something had shown up for the speed that everything left.

It was the red squirrel, took some food from all the feeders then left.

There is always a bully somewhere, even in the backyard critter world.