Energizing drink vocation, the Red Bull was born in Austria but took its source in Thailand: in fact, the extraordinary history of this drink tells us that this is the Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz is to behind the design of this energizing formula. Traveler, it was during a trip to Thailand that our man discovered a local drink which, according to its consumers, powerful toning. He tried it himself and found that he could drink to face the pain of the long and difficult journeys. It was then that he decided to do business outside the South-East and internationalize. But "Krating Daeng", the local drink was already patented and rights belonged to a Thai company called "TC Pharmaceuticals," Mateschitz and will deal with this company to get the rights to create a drink combining the beneficial effects of Krating Daeng but who distinguish on some points: the Red Bull is expected to be marketed in gaseous form, with a few additions in its chemical composition. So Red Bull cans is placed on the market, first in Austria, then in some other European countries, such as Switzerland, categorically refuse them entry.

With a strong energizing drink, Red Bull has proven its effectiveness on the world market although it is controversial. The effectiveness of the active ingredients based on its specific chemical composition: the soft drink essentially contains taurine, caffeine and glucuronolactone. Regarding taurine, it is an amino acid that the body naturally produces man without needing to remedy this with food. But consuming Red Bull, you increase the amount of taurine in your body. As for its proven benefits and proven by the scientific community, this amino acid is the cause of a better "wiring" between neuronal elements (dendrites, axons ...) and therefore a better transmission of information the brain. Furthermore, taurine has other merits delay between cell toxicity and thus delay aging, as it would also improve the reflex contraction of the myocardium. As for caffeine, it is an alkaloid of coffee serves as a tonic particularly through its effects on the brain area reserved for the concentration. In fact, caffeine is known to maintain the human body in a certain degree of excitement and concentration. Regarding glucuronolactone is, like taurine, a substance the body produces naturally and is known to remove toxic substances from the body.

The Dangers of Red Bull

Red bull dangers of including taurine from it: in fact, already naturally present in the human body, this substance is controversial when taken in high doses because scientific studies have so far not yet succeeded in elucidating the interactions and consequences of mass absorption of this amino acid. Nevertheless, some studies have shown a harmful interaction between taurine and alcohol addition, taurine was tested on American soldiers during the first Gulf War, causing harmful effects on their system and brain nervous. As for glucuronolactone, its supplementation through foods or beverages not contribute much to enhance its role as a "detoxifying" natural. Moreover, this substance is a variety of sugar which absorption by the body is not the easiest compared to fructose for example. Caffeine, on the other hand, in addition to its stimulating action, as a result of adverse effect in the long term hypertension of the fact that it keeps the body in a prolonged state of arousal brain, which strains the heart and nervous system .

back to top Legislation on Red Bull

Present today on every continent, the Red Bull continues to conquer new markets, although banned in some countries such as Denmark. Until recently, this energy drink has been banned from sale in France because of the risks that could lead to mass consumption. However, in April 2008 an authorization for the sale of Red Bull products will be granted by the French government but with compromise: this is how France gets the Austrian firm to withdraw taurine and the glucuronolactone of Red Bull sold in France, the latter being replaced by another amino acid, arginine, better known effects. Subsequently, the company Red Bull has launched administrative proceedings against the French government arguing the fact that no serious study had succeeded in establishing the alleged adverse effects of this drink. Thus, in July 2008, the French government allowed the Red Bull original, that is to say, taurine and glucuronolactone with, to be sold on French soil.