In a previous post I mentioned how I was getting frames at various used shops and rummage sales, well, this is one that I bought for $1.00 It's finished. It use to be a hideous color wood and I made it black. The matte came with it, but it was pretty yellow. I painted everything and it looks like new and not bad. I figured, why not paint the matte too? And I did. The matte is like a weird vynil on board.

I omitted the glass for the photo so that you can see how it looks. The actual art that will be in it is not there yet. I put a piece of work I did in it to see how it would possibly look with art inside.

So, as you can see from the photos, there is a huge difference that some updating can do to items.

Right now I have the frames ready and will be working on more art and deciding what gets framed and what does not.