How was your weekend Bubblers ?

Hi again !

You see I really love upcycling, repurposing or even recycling and makeover projects for arts and crafts and I got another project done few weeks ago that I feel like worth sharing here.

This is about how I created some beautiful night glow or night light using those old and empty perfume bottles. Most of us like to buy those sometimes expensive perfumes or maybe you see some of your friend's closets those empty perfume bottles that are so beautiful, colorful and also their shapes are very unique but have you ever wonder what else you can do with them aside from displaying them on your bobby chic or closet, unless you are planning a collections this project of mine went out well and now some of my perfume bottles with different colors are used as my night lights or glows when I sleep.

It is just an easy tutorial also with some tricks that you can use as alternatives for the materials that I used and I also got few projects like this that I already posted here and I will also share their links here so that you can find them easily.

To visit my Empty Perfume Bottle Night Light project go here :

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Photo Credit : Cococute Life (blog)