The British team will reconstruct the 4700 years old pyramid of Egypt. The pyramid has been temporarily saved from falling with the help of air bags. The ceiling of 4700 old building of Egypt has been supported temporarily by enormous balloons.

Meanwhile, the construction experts will do the necessary repairs and at some places reconstruct the building. The ancient building in Egypt has been told as the last abode of Pharos. The Pharos ruled over Egypt for 19 years.

The British team, who had helped in recovering the castle of Windsor in its actual form in 1993 after being affected with fire, is participating in the construction of the above mentioned building. The leader of this engineering team, Mr. Peter James say that the structure of this earthquake affected building can fall anytime but for the time being we anyhow succeeded in supporting the ceiling of this building with the help of balloons.

This historical ancient building is so much decayed that nobody was agreed to take its contract during the last 19 years. However, Peter James, who has been the Navy Commander in the British Force, has taken its repair contract in 1.8 million pounds.

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