Receipt Hog is an app that allows you to earn coins by submitting your shopping receipts. Coins can then be used to redeem for cash through paypal or for Amazon gift cards. Unlike other apps that require you to purchase specific items, Receipt Hog allows you to submit receipts from any items you buy from supermarkets, drug stores, dollar stores, pet stores, and convenience stores. For each receipt submitted you'll earn from 5 to 20 coins depending on how much you spend on that shopping trip. Receipts are submitted simply by using the camera on your smartphone. There's a max of 3 receipts from the same store per day and 20 total receipts per week.

Receipt amount vs coins earned: $10 and under - 5 coins $10 - $50 - 10 coins $40 - $100 - 15 coins $100 and over - 20 coins

You will occasionally receive a survey regarding an item you've purchased. Once you take the survey you'll be rewarded additional coins. There is also a opportunity to earn additional coins, the amount of your last trip, or $100 by earning spins on hog slots, a slot machine type game. One way to earn spins is by inviting friends to join.

As mentioned before, once you've earned enough to redeem you can cash out through Paypal or get choose to get an Amazon gift card. The longer you wait to redeem the better coin to cash ratio you get.

Coins vs Cash Earned 1000 coins = $5 1800 coins = $10 3200 coins = $20 4500 coins = $30

I've been using Receipt Hog for nearly 4 weeks and honestly, it's slow money, but money none the less. At 4 weeks I've submitted the max amount of receipts each week, but am still only at 495 coins. After 5 weeks I'll go "hog wild", which apparently lets me earn coins more quickly. I'll do another review in a month or so and let you know if it picks up. Bottom line is if you don't mind taking 30 seconds to submit your receipts, and the fact that you're sharing your personal shopping info (which I do on here anyway), this app may interest you.


Receipt Hog is an app that allows you to earn coins by submitting your shopping receipts. The coins can be redeemed for cash through paypal. Unlike other apps that require you to buy specific items, with Receipt Hog you can submit any receipt from a Grocery Store, Supercenter, Club store, Dollar store, Drugstore, Convenience store, or Pet Supply store. With each receipt submmitted you'll earn 5-

5 coins for receipts under $10, 10 coins for receipts for $10-$50, 15 for purchases between $50 and $100, and 20 coins for receipts over $100