Good day! Fantastic sunday morning to all my fellow bubblers!

Does anyone here knows or believes that there’s a ghost or a white lady?

I saw it on my very eyes i know you’re not going to believe this but the CCTV camera can explain everything.

Uncle Boy's house has a CCTV camera were he can check his daughter and son all the time and the guest coming in their house, at this point in time he was talking to her daughter and suddenly at the corner he sees a man wearing a white shirt looking at her daughter.

He never mentions this to her daughter while talking to her and looking at the live CCTV camera, he sees that her daughter we’re passing through to this man or ghost that confirms it’s a real ghost when her daughter passed by the ghost.

Thank you for reading! Stay happy and keep smiling!

**i’m using different I.P because i’m bubbling here at our house