They already predicted the day of ramadan in U.A.E. and they said that it wil start on month of #July on 10th day.Now it start early than last year.Last #year the ramadan start same month but day 20.It will end on 30 days .and eid fitr will start on August 9.Ramadan month you have a #rules need to follow,maybe not only here in U.A.E. but all muslim country that celebrating ramadan,,They call it also fasting #month.Here are some rules that i know that not allow in +U.A.E. during ramadan,They said its not allow to #drink or #eat outside the road,all #restaurant are close but can call for delivery and will open for dine in when start of iftaar.Not allow also to #smoke outside or your walking drunk,if the #police catch you,They will give you a #fine or put on #jail for a days.The #disco bar are open but music are not allowS,o bore if like that,Sex also is not allow for muslim during ramadan ,.But for the people who are not muslim,they still need to follow all the rules during month of #Ramadan but They allow to eat and drink but you need to hide somewhere that no #muslim or people can see you that you are eating .