As a mother on welfare, I have heard it all. Welfare recipients shouldn't be allowed to reproduce; abortions should be mandatory. Welfare recipients are the lowest of the low, lazy, filthy bastards. Welfare recipients reproduce so they can get more free money from the government. Welfare recipients are stealing money/food from hard-working people. Welfare recipients dance in the street because they get all this free stuff. Welfare recipients get free Obama iPhones. Welfare recipients don't work because they don't have to - the government takes care of it all.

All these statements make me pretty angry. I am a huge social media advocate for welfare recipients, but then something like what happened at Walmart recently, and it shoots all my arguments to hell. How am I supposed to defend a group of people, a group to which I belong, when there are news stories out there like this one:

My cousin posted the link on her Facebook. One comment under the story said these people must be so used to get everything for free, they must think they are entitled to it. Personally, I can rebut that, but after this story, I can't.

To the people who knowingly took advantage of the food stamps glitch:

Shame on you. Not only have you hurt yourselves, your families, your children, in stealing food from Walmart, but you have hurt the entire reputation of the general welfare population. Strides have recently been made with several people issuing food stamps challenges, opening people's eyes to the hardships of living on welfare, and you throw all that out the window when you trash a Walmart store and take things you know your SNAP card wouldn't cover. I'm really pissed, and I can't even put it into words. You're a disappointment, and you should be punished for what you did.

To the executives at Walmart who gave the "okay" to accept SNAP cards during the glitch:

Shame on you, too! You knew balances weren't showing up, and you still said it was okay for Walmart cashiers to accept them as payment. You brought this on yourselves. You should have had the foresight to realize what would happen if someone thought they had a "limitless" card. You allowed this entire situation to happen, and I don't feel sorry for you, Walmart. I feel bad for your employees who were at work that night and had to live through the chaos you created. I don't feel bad for the groceries you lost, whether they were stolen or perished in full shopping carts when the SNAP glitch was sorted. You did this.

To everyone else who is judging the entire welfare population on what just happened at Walmart:

Please don't. We aren't all like this. We are hard-working Americans who are either temporarily needing help or are stuck in the system, unable to get out. We are your brothers and sisters, your moms and dads. We are the elderly who can't get by on their social security benefits. We are the young parents who are struggling on one income because we can't afford daycare. We are the 40-year-old father of four who just lost his job after working there 20 years. We are the government employees who can't work right now due to the furlough. We are the single mothers who are paying with their lives for a single mistake they made nine months ago. We are the families who can't afford to get out of the system. We are not bad people. We just need a little help. Please show us some compassion and not judge us on the actions of a few.

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