Quantum Thoughts

The author, Jerry Vaughan tells in the form of poetry about his beliefs in a single spirit that encompasses everything in existence. This book is a view of the age-old conflicts between religion and science, but more than that is a guide through the blending of man, environment, and spirit. The traditional views that creation and evolution-ism are at odds with each other are thrown out, and a new concept of mutual complement is addressed.

One Spirit

The concept of "One Spirit" is brought to the discussion showing that everything that exists is actually part of the universe as one. Religion then becomes the ethical expression of the spirit that underlies everything. He blends the science of quantum physics and the “reality” of our world with the concepts of religion in a way that is fascinating and empowering. The book goes through the basic concepts of quantum man and then moves into a listing of parables and metaphors and finally into a list of prayers that are profound and beautiful.

Jerry Vaughan lives in Texas has served on the faculty of a community college, and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and two Master of Science degrees. He is active in community organizations and is an avid angler, traveler, and writer.

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