Title isn't a CCR "Put a Candle in the Window" mashup. It's a solution I invented to combat our incredibly drafty back mud room. Drafty is an understatement. It's a frigid arctic ice station. The "walls" are a patchwork of drywall, panel, and Styrofoam, presumably for insulation. There are inch wide gaps between seams. I'm surprised the cat can't squeeze through.

Porch designers (term used loosely) did not see fit to properly secure, insulate, attach or frame the mud room. For decades it teetered drunkenly on an equally perilous back porch. This concoction was supported in large part by an old bed frame.

This summer, my dear sweet husband dug the whole porch mess out, including a matching mattress to the bed frame and some dead animal carcasses he discovered. He put up a sturdy sensible little porch properly anchored in concrete. But the mud room will be a much larger undertaking that will have to wait till spring.

There is also no communicating door (just doorway) between mudroom and kitchen. So all that frozen air blasts in. We stop it up the best we can with rugs and under-door flaps. But given the whole room is a house of cards, the very walls blow in cold.

So to my brainstorm. I hung a tension bar and insulated curtain across the doorway from cupboard to wall. You know the rubber-backed kind that are supposed cut heat bills? Well, they work. I use them in all the bedrooms. I could make my own, but get them on sale cheaper than the fabric would cost, about $10 to $15 each. Total cost with rod, about $22. I reuse curtain and rod in the living room stairway in summer to prevent air-conditioned air going up and hot air coming downstairs. I hang so it completely covers doorway.

So a curtain door looks a little improvised? It's warmer, everyone agrees. I put this in trending because I thought maybe others might be dealing drafts and need a quick fix. If you want more homemade, cheap workarounds, visit my blogs (no referral or paid blog posts)

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