Photo taken from Hema

I made a mini survey about what makes men attracted to women. 7 out of 10 said that they are more physically-attracted to the opposite gender, and 5 out of the 7 confessed that one factor that makes them easily attracted is, if a woman has bigger breasts. What purpose does this survey serve? Did you know that one of the greatest inventions in the #fashion industry, the push up bra, is actually invented by a man? Of course prior to that, women already wore bras even as early as the 1400s but they were for the purpose of securing the breasts in place while walking or running, and other activities only. This push up bra, however, invented by Frederick Mellinger is made to enhance the breasts, and his aim was to #engineer a really sexy bra for their girlfriends to wear. So when you’re a woman, you are conscious of how “presentable” you are to the eyes of a man. And when I say “presentable”, I mean not just merely with the way you look, but, with the way your body looks. Certain bodily changes trigger attraction from the opposite sex. And sometimes, when ideal changes or transformations are not achieved we tend to feel inferior or not so confident about ourselves. Another #trivia , there’s this one brand of push up bra that used a male #model to launch their newest ad campaign. They made the guy wear a push up bra like a woman does. And what actually made this guy fit for the ad is, he has the body of a supermodel and does the catwalk like a real female model, only that he is flat-chested. This guy represents the brand as he stands for all the flat-chested women in the world, giving them hope that they, too, can look “presentable” by wearing the bra.