We've all had that boss or manager or supervisor we just can't stand. Its an unfortunate truth when it comes to work that there are a lot of people in power who abuse their position and treat their staff like crap. This can come in many forms from bullying, neglect, disregard for welfare, over working, or in the case of my boss, serious anger management problems. Its understandable for people to get angry at times through different stimuli, but some people really go all out. Anger is strange but in most people it builds over time to boiling point. In this mans case, he can joke and smile at you one minute then the next can be shouting the roof down over doing something that is part of what's needed to get the job done but because he can't be bothered thinking it through to see why you are doing it, flips his lid. Moments later then cracks again when he asks why you haven't done what he told you not to do moments before. There's a lot of psycho bosses out there, but this guy really fits the part